Restorative Yoga Classes at Yoga Bhoga
    Restorative yoga is practiced using yoga props (such as blankets, bolsters, chairs, the wall and so on) to support us in a yoga posture so that the muscles are completely released of tension and we can receive the benefit of that particular posture.  In practicing restorative yoga we trigger the relaxation response (as opposed to the fight or flight response) and over time learn how to conciously engage this response.
   In our fast paced, stress filled world today this can be a life saving skill to possess.  Restorative yoga postures are taught at the end of class in the regular weekly yoga classes.
A restorative yoga class is designed to deeply relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. 

It is for every BODY - no experience necessary.

At different times throughout the year, Yoga Bhoga offers both full 2 hour Restorative classes,
as well as 1 hour "mini" restorative sessions.

Space is limited, so please call to reserve your space. 
    One limb on the tree of yoga is Seva or selfless service.  For some time now I have been wanting to volunteer and offer my skills to our community.  As a small business owner and mother of two small children I have been challenged as to how and when to make that happen.  In late 2008, when the economic crisis hit, I realized that my skills as a restorative yoga teacher could be very helpful to others.  I decided to offer a one hour restorative class once a month (except November & December), free to the community as a way for others to discover the benefits of restorative yoga.  These classes offer an opportunity to learn and practice deep relaxation and stress relief.
    The 2 hour classes will offer the opportunity to go deeper, allowing you a richer experience of the relaxation response.  Please refer to the Fees and the Schedule pages for more information on the Two Hour Restorative classes.
    The 1 hour classes are free.  However, if you prefer to contribute in some way, please make a free will donation for the Hemlock Food Pantry.  I have collected donations during the holidays but would enjoy supporting the Food Pantry year round.  You will find a basket at the entryway to the studio where you can place your food donations.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please see me.
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