Yoga and Bhoga are words from the ancient Sanskrit language of India.  Yoga means to yoke, join, harness, bind, unite.  Bhoga means pleasure, enjoyment, joy, fruition.
A little bit about Yoga Bhoga

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       Classes at Yoga Bhoga are small and personal.  I enjoy connecting with each student personally and accommodating individual needs.  Though there are set sessions, newcomers and returning students are welcome to join at anytime during a session. Newcomers are encouraged to begin with a level one class but can be accommodated in the level one/two classes.  If you have an injury or health issue it is ideal to start with the level one class and/or a private session depending on the situation.  Remember, you meet yoga and yoga meets you, right where you are, now.

   I named the studio Yoga Bhoga to invoke the sense of deep pleasure experienced in uniting the body, mind, breath and spirit. (and to express my light-heartedness and silly sense of humor!)

   Classes at Yoga Bhoga are primarily in the Iyengar style.  Iyengar yoga is the yoga of alignment.  B.K.S. Iyengar, a yoga master in India, developed the use of props while practicing yoga asanas (postures) to support one's body in the proper alignment. This allows the practicioner the opportunity to experience the effects of proper alignment while developing the necessary strength and/or flexibility to eventually maintain the asana without the props.